Quiz Your Cricket Knowledge: The Ultimate Cricket World Cup 2019 Quiz

Cricket, the gentleman’s game, captivates millions around the globe. Its excitement and unpredictability captivate audiences, creating an atmosphere of suspense. As fans, we revel in these moments, but how much do we remember? Today, we’re going to test your memory with a Cricket World Cup 2019 quiz.

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The Cricket World Cup 2019, an international cricket championship, was a spectacle that enthralled fans worldwide. Its thrilling matches and unforgettable moments have cemented its place in cricket history. But how well do you remember the details? This quiz is designed to jog your memory and challenge your knowledge of this unforgettable event.

Quizzes are excellent tools for enhancing fan engagement and learning. They’re not just fun; they help us remember key moments and stats, making us better fans. So, are you ready to take the Cricket World Cup 2019 quiz?

Background and History of Cricket World Cup 2019

Before we dive into the quiz, let’s revisit the World Cup’s background. The Cricket World Cup 2019 was hosted by England and Wales, attracting teams from around the world. Some of the most noteworthy teams and key players included:

  • England: The host country, with a strong team led by Eoin Morgan
  • India: A team powered by cricket superstar Virat Kohli
  • Australia: Previous champions, led by Aaron Finch
  • New Zealand: The underdogs, captained by Kane Williamson

The finale was a thrilling encounter between England and New Zealand, with England securing their maiden World Cup victory in a nail-biting Super Over.

Now, as we dive into the cricket world cup 2019 quiz, keep these historical moments in mind. Let’s see how well you remember the World Cup’s most noteworthy moments!

The Power of Cricket Quizzes

So, why should you participate in a Cricket World Cup 2019 quiz? Quizzes are more than just a fun pastime; they are powerful learning tools.

  • Quizzes enhance memory retention: By recalling information, you strengthen your memory and increase the likelihood of remembering information in the future.
  • Quizzes increase engagement: They are a great way to engage with the sport beyond just watching matches. You get to test your knowledge and challenge your friends.
  • Quizzes create a learning opportunity: You may discover new information or interesting facts about the Cricket World Cup 2019 that you didn’t know before.

Let’s embrace the power of quizzes and dive into the Cricket World Cup 2019 quiz!

Cricket World Cup 2019 Quiz

Get ready to test your cricketing knowledge with these carefully curated questions. Remember, it’s not just about getting the correct answer, but also about revisiting the spectacular moments of the Cricket World Cup 2019.

  1. Who was the captain of the winning team in the Cricket World Cup 2019?
  2. Which team was the runner-up in the Cricket World Cup 2019?
  3. Who was the top run-scorer of the tournament?
  4. Who took the most wickets in the tournament?
  5. Which player was awarded “Player of the Tournament”?
  6. Which team scored the highest total in a single match during the tournament?
  7. Who hit the most sixes in the tournament?
  8. Which player scored the fastest century in the tournament?
  9. Who was the youngest player in the tournament?
  10. Which two teams played in the tournament’s first match?

In-depth Analysis of Key Matches in World Cup 2019

Let’s revisit the key matches that defined the Cricket World Cup 2019. These unforgettable games not only provided thrilling entertainment but also shaped the course of the tournament.

  • England vs South Africa (The Opener): The inaugural match of the tournament set the tone with England, the host nation, displaying their dominance over South Africa, thus starting their journey on a high note.
  • West Indies vs Pakistan: West Indies’ fast bowlers dismantled the Pakistani batting line-up in just 21.4 overs, making it one of the shortest matches in World Cup history.
  • India vs Australia: This match was significant because of Shikhar Dhawan’s magnificent century, cementing India’s position as a formidable force in the tournament.
  • England vs New Zealand (The Finale): The final match of the Cricket World Cup 2019 was a nail-biter, concluding in a dramatic Super Over that led to England’s maiden World Cup victory. The match is considered one of the greatest in the history of One Day Internationals.

These matches were not only exciting to watch but also had significant implications for the teams involved and the tournament’s outcome. They form the core of our Cricket World Cup 2019 memories.

FAQ about Cricket World Cup 2019

Based on Google’s “People also ask”, here are some commonly asked questions about the Cricket World Cup 2019:

  • Who won the Cricket World Cup 2019?
    The Cricket World Cup 2019 was won by England, marking their first World Cup victory.
  • Who was the runner-up in the Cricket World Cup 2019?
    New Zealand was the runner-up in the tournament, putting up a valiant fight in the thrilling finale.
  • Who was the highest run-scorer in the Cricket World Cup 2019?
    Rohit Sharma of India was the highest run-scorer, with five centuries in the tournament.
  • Who took the most wickets in the Cricket World Cup 2019?
    Mitchell Starc of Australia took the most wickets, showcasing a remarkable bowling performance throughout the tournament.

For more comprehensive statistics about the Cricket World Cup 2019, you can visit ICC’s official page about the Cricket World Cup 2019.


The Cricket World Cup 2019 was a tournament full of unforgettable matches and awe-inspiring performances. This Cricket World Cup 2019 quiz encourages us to revisit those moments and test our knowledge of the event. Whether you’re a cricket enthusiast or a casual fan, this quiz offers a chance to engage with the sport in a fun and interactive way.

Don’t forget to share your quiz results on social media and challenge your friends. Keep learning, keep engaging, and keep enjoying the beautiful game of cricket!

Cricket World Cup 2019 Quiz Answers

  1. Eoin Morgan
  2. New Zealand
  3. Rohit Sharma
  4. Mitchell Starc
  5. Kane Williamson
  6. England
  7. Eoin Morgan
  8. Alex Carey
  9. Mujeeb Ur Rahman
  10. England and South Africa

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