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Jemimah Rodrigues
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December 15, 2023

Jemimah Rodrigues, a prominent figure in Indian women’s cricket, made her Test debut against England in December 2023. Born on September 5, 2000, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Jemimah is known for her right-handed batting style and right-arm offbreak bowling.

She has been a vital player for both the Indian national women’s cricket team and the Mumbai women’s cricket team. Her journey in cricket is marked by notable achievements and a commitment to the sport from a young age.

In February 2018, Rodrigues was selected for the Indian women’s cricket team for a three-match ODI series against South Africa. She made her debut in Women’s Twenty20 International Cricket in the same month against South Africa and played her first one-day international cricket match in March 2018 against Australia.

Later, in October 2018, she was part of the Indian team at the 2018 ICC Women’s World Twenty20 tournament in West Indies, where she was recognized as a standout player by the International Cricket Council.

Rodrigues’ early life and cricket journey are as inspiring as her professional career. Starting to play cricket at the tender age of four, she grew up practicing in the gullies of Bhandup, a suburb in Mumbai, with her brothers.

Her family’s support played a crucial role in her cricketing journey. Rodrigues also excelled in field hockey, representing the Under-17 Maharashtra team. However, she ultimately chose cricket, making her debut in South Africa in 2018 at the age of 17.

Aside from her cricket career, Jemimah is also known for her musical talents. She enjoys singing and playing the guitar, often sharing videos of her performances on social media. Her active social media presence is a testament to her engaging personality and her ability to connect with fans beyond the cricket field.

Jemimah’s commitment to cricket extends to encouraging and inspiring young talents, especially from smaller towns. She advocates for more visibility for women’s cricket and believes that a women’s edition of the IPL, played in smaller towns, could significantly impact the sport’s growth in India.

Rodrigues’ impact on Indian women’s cricket is further highlighted by her performance in the Senior Women’s T20 Trophy 2023, where she was one of the top run-getters. Her remarkable journey from playing gully cricket to representing India on the world stage is a source of inspiration for many aspiring cricketers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jemimah Rodrigues

When did Jemimah Rodrigues make her international cricket debut?

Jemimah made her debut for Women’s Twenty20 International Cricket in February 2018 against South Africa.

What are Jemimah Rodrigues’ major achievements in cricket?

Rodrigues made her Test debut against England in December 2023 and was a standout player in the 2018 ICC Women’s World Twenty20 tournament. She has been a significant run-scorer in domestic tournaments like the Senior Women’s T20 Trophy.

What other sports did Jemimah Rodrigues play?

Apart from cricket, Jemimah was also selected for the Under-17 Maharashtra field hockey team.

What is Jemimah Rodrigues’ batting style?

She is a right-handed batter and also bowls right-arm offbreak.

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