Munish Bali, Indian cricket team fielding coach, speaks at post-match press conference

Munish Bali, serving as the Fielding Coach for the Indian Cricket Team, prominently featured in the aftermath of the third IDFC First Bank T20 International against England in Mumbai. At the post-match press conference, Bali provided insightful commentary and analysis, dissecting the game’s nuances and team performance. His expertise offered a deeper understanding of the match’s dynamics and strategic aspects.

Munish Bali speaks at post match press conference

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Reporter: Are we rolling? Good to go. We have with us Mr. Monish, our building coach. Before we start the press conference, please keep your phones on silent and we start straight away. Who wants to go in first?

Monish Bali: So, just part of the first game. A couple of chances, but then it improved. Today we saw a few good catches. So, if you look, we played a day-night game after almost six, or seven months. When we played the last game, the girls played in women’s IPL.

Then after that, they didn’t play in the night. So, it’s always very difficult to play and we are playing after six, seven months as a team, so it’s very difficult. But then we started practicing and got used to the lights, so that’s why the results are coming.

Reporter: So were the captain and the feeling a part of the… so, does it extra sessions or like how? Look, fielding and fitness go side by side. So, we are working on fitness as well as fielding aspects, and it is going well so far.

Monish Bali: Could you give me an update on what stake is with what happened and how the… So, Hermann, today came and backed up and rested, the medical team will update you regarding this. How do you look back at the overall eight series?

The series lost one, but one event today, as I said, we played a long time after the Bangladesh series we played and we are very newcomers to the team we are progressing well and we are looking forward to the next series.

Reporter: Michael, she looks like a leader on the field and she kind of sets the tone and she’s high energy to a couple of catches.

Monish Bali: So, could you just talk about what she brings to the side and how she kind of values the tools? Well, she’s an impact player. She’s a rockstar for me. Not only Jamie, you can see Rinka, the youngsters coming, and Inman Jo.

So, we have very good youngsters in the team, so I’m looking forward as a fielding coach. So, they’ll put more energy into the team and they’re very energetic, so happy for them.

Reporter: Hi, just to follow up on that, I was going to ask about yesterday, she came in as a… hmm, well, like good catches on the… so what kind of preparations are, and as you said, they look like they’re very enthusiastic about all of this. And what kind of preparation goes when it comes to the fielding, especially because that’s one thing even part of the other to work on. So, what are kind of…

Monish Bali: Like, I’ve already said, fielding and fitness go side by side. So, if you’re fit enough, you’re a good fielder in both. And Jeremy and Ska, they’re super fit. So, that’s it. They’re super fit. That’s why they give lots of energy on the field.

Reporter: We won the match today. That was great. However, we lost the series. So, according to you, what is the biggest positive that we take away from the series and what do you think is one of the areas that we need improvement on?

So, there are a lot of positives, especially the youngsters coming in and performing like Srilanka Goldman of the Mesh Award today. And she performed in every game. And same with, so, a lot of positive we played after six months and the intent we have shown during the matches and the way we came back in the series, series in today’s game, yesterday game also, it was a very tight game.

We all always scored 80 runs, but we fought back very well. So, it was a big positive for our team that the energy, the message you’re sending that we’re not letting you win easily. And today it reflected. So, I’ll say lots of positives, the energies they’re bringing in.

Reporter: And how excited are the players about playing this match? Playing this match? When they’re a long time? Yes, they’re playing after a long, I think the last play in last September. So, they’re very excited. So, we are doing a red ball practice also test score plays over here.

And after, their one day and T 20 players go, the test players also come in. So, we are doing fielding, and closing catching. So, we are working on that along with this.

Reporter: The last few questions,

Munish Bali: Steel, I think coming in that tight position. And then so, I said, she’s an impact player. If she sees she came and pulled the four to in the power play, she ball very well then she field it very well. She fields it.

She, went for three, or four overs yesterday and straight away even packed on the team, got a balloon catch. And today also when we were chasing in 12 balls, 12 runs, the first ball she hit, it was whipping the covers. So she’s an impact player.

Reporter: Can you talk about the radio casting you just mentioned about the power player she takes and how gets the power play?

Munish Bali: What makes her special? She knows her game very well. She has sexual limitations. She knows what the areas are, she’s a bowl and she’s very smart in her bullying. She knows what areas to hit and she’s exactly doing that.

Reporter: Do we have any more questions? No. Okay.

Munish Bali: Thank you so much, sir. Thank you everyone for your time. Thank you.

Reporter: Thank you.

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